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Why LearnSwim?

Swimming is a great form of exercise and the benefits to our health are numerous. Exercise is key to weight management, a healthy heart and greater energy levels. And coupled with a sensible well-balanced diet, it leads to a long and healthy lifestyle.

Some Water Facts

 80% of our planet is covered in water
 Singapore is surrounded by water
 90% of all animals can swim

Don't be water handicapped!
Learn to swim!

Health Benefits of Swimming

 Excellent cardiovascular workout
 Builds endurance and muscle strength
 Improved strength, posture and flexibility
 Enhances physique or figure
 Help relieve stress and tension
 Tones your entire body
 Psychological benefits

Swimming and Pregnancy?

Pregnant women can also benefit from swimming. Swimming help them to strengthen their abdominal and shoulder muscles. Abdominal and shoulder muscles are often taxed by carrying a baby. Water exercise help to reduce joints stiffness, high blood pressure and discomfort associated with pregnancy. You'll burn more calories, feel less fatigued, sleep better and condition your body better to cope with the physical and emotional challenges of pregnancy, benefitting both you and your baby.

Swimming and Surgery

Swimming after surgery is an excellent means of exercising all the major muscle groups, and avoiding muscular atrophy often seen in post-surgical patients who remain sedentary for prolonged periods. Before beginning an exercise program, talk to your doctor to make sure it is okay to begin moderate exercises.


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